Where are you in your writing journey?

Are you stuck on writing your book and need a ghost-writer?

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Do you want to engage your followers and need a content writer?


By producing written content that sells, gets you results, and makes an impact, The Writer Vending Machine offers ghost-writing for nonfiction books, B2B and B2C eBooks, website copy, and top-notch editorial services for your next bestseller to make you an authority in your field.

We’re all familiar with vending machines that give out drinks, candy, and sandwiches. Since I was young, Japan’s culture has fascinated me, and there are vending machines there that sell just about anything. This was my inspiration for The Writer Vending Machine. What if a vending machine could write stories and dispense them? That’s impossible in real life, but in the world of writing, we love to use our imagination, and we encourage you to do the same.

In a nutshell, customer collaboration is at the heart of The Writer Vending Machine’s services. It gives you the correct tools to bring your projects to fruition. By bringing the right people together at the right time, we stand out for the quality of our editorial, ghost-writing, and story development services.

Whether you want to become the next bestselling author or an authority figure in your industry, we want to hear from you.

We are passionate about telling a great story to your audience. By marrying high quality of the English language using correct grammar and techniques with the art of storytelling, you can guarantee that your message will attach to the reader and leave a lasting impression.

Although content writers are available everywhere, we are unique because of our understanding of people, markets, and businesses. People would gather in coffee shops or in vending machines to trade ideas and network with each other. Thus, the term, The Writer Vending Machine, was born. Connecting our clients with their audience, readers, or customers is what we do.

With us, you’ll get a team of experienced and qualified writers who will first listen attentively to your needs before polishing the story. Our goal is to enhance your brand, business, or message. Together, we work through a one-on-one conversation to discuss your dreams and desired end goals, as well as what you would like us to write. This is followed by carefully timed drafts that go through several revisions until you (and we) are satisfied with the final writing.


What’s your next writing project? 

The Woman Behind the Vending Machine...

Shazeen founded The Writer Vending Machine in response to her years of writing stories and generating quality content for clients that would keep them coming back for more.

She provides high-quality content for clients in a variety of industries including film and production, cybersecurity, technology and data, real estate, fashion brands, and innovative products to make the world a better place.

With her base in the United Kingdom, she has worked with people both locally and globally. As a result of her work, she founded and grew a digital community called The People’s Playground where stories of people’s raw experiences and ideas were collected and published. Next, she provided content editing for BBC News and is now a Senior Book Editor for Packt Publishing, a global data-tech company. She also serves as the Head of Narrative Development for Quinton Novus Productions, being responsible for telling untold stories about underrepresented groups to appeal to the generations of today. From the very beginning of the creative process, each story she develops has specific goals with the ideal audience in mind.

Shazeen is more than just a writer. Using different styles and techniques, she uses words, images, or sounds to convey events in a story. She provides you with authentic, honest, and meaningful feedback on the structure, content, and narrative of your writing.

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